Lanolin in pharmaceuticals

Lanolin’s significance goes beyond the realms of personal care, extending into the medical field. One of the remarkable properties of lanolin is its ability to act as a carrier for pharmaceutically active ingredients that require deep permeation into the layers of the skin. Therefore, lanolin in pharmaceuticals is a highly valued ingredient as it enhances the healing process of the skin. In the realm of wound care, lanolin proves to be invaluable. Moreover, it not only provides support in the wound healing process, but also aids in dermal repair when incorporated into burns dressings. By promoting a conducive environment for tissue regeneration, lanolin accelerates the recovery of damaged skin, leading to improved outcomes.

Revolutionising medical applications

Lanolin finds extensive use in various applications, showcasing its versatility and valuable properties. Some of its primary medical applications include:

  • ointment bases, burns dressings, and wound sprays
  • acting as an emulsifier, stabiliser, and emollient
  • supporting wound healing
  • facilitating transdermal delivery of active ingredients
  • serving as a dispersing agent in pigmented medications
  • being used in topical products for cutaneous infections, providing antimicrobial and disinfectant properties

Versatility expanded

Lanolin’s diverse applications encompass various other fields, including:

  • Ophthalmic ointments benefit from lanolin’s high physiological compatibility and low irritation potential.

  • Lanolin finds use in suppositories as a substantial base, serving as a carrier for active ingredients.

  • In the realm of medical adhesives, lanolin is used in surgical adhesive tapes as an impregnating agent, plasticiser, and enhancer for improved skin adhesion. Its versatility extends even further to pre-blended combinations tailored for specific purposes, such as absorption bases.

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