Lanolin's supply chain: Advancing traceability

Certifying the traceability of lanolin poses challenges due to the existing certification framework tailored to the wool industry. However, our team at ImperialOel has implemented various measures to ensure rigorous traceability standards throughout the supply chain. The wool supply chain involves multiple crucial stages, where the commodity changes hands from wool growers to brokers, processors, washers, and top makers, before reaching spinners, weavers, and ultimately brands and retailers who create wool products.

The complexity of these stages makes traceability difficult, but we have actively collaborated with key partners across the industry segments to establish more transparent processes. At ImperialOel, we firmly believe that traceability is the cornerstone of responsibility throughout the wool supply chain. Through this dedication, we can provide our customers with insights into the role of lanolin within a trustworthy and responsible industry. Our goal is to ensure a traceable supply chain for lanolin that addresses essential aspects like animal welfare, the use of mulesing, sustainability, and the mitigation of pesticide residues, all while upholding the highest standards of quality.

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