Animal welfare: Our commitment to ethical lanolin sourcing

ImperialOel takes pride in sourcing all of its lanolins and derivatives exclusively from the raw wool of living sheep that are raised and cared for according to the highest standards. As a vital part of the lanolin supply chain, we believe it is our responsibility to raise awareness about lanolin as an important natural by-product of the global wool textile industry. Furthermore, our company strives to ensure that all stakeholders in our supply chain share the same understanding and commitment to animal welfare.

While our influence to drive change in the massive textile industry may be limited, the team at ImperialOel remains dedicated to staying informed about the latest research and best practices to promote the well-being of livestock throughout the supply chain.

As part of our commitment to animal welfare, ImperialOel actively explores innovative approaches to reduce the use of mulesing. This practice is predominantly employed in Australia, where the humid conditions contribute to the prevalence of flystrike caused by the blowfly species Lucilia cuprina. Flystrike occurs when the blowfly lays eggs in the sheep’s rear end skinfolds, leading to flesh-eating infestations. Mulesing involves the removal of sections of a lamb’s rear end skin folds to prevent flystrike in adulthood.

While mulesing was initially implemented to protect sheep from suffering, the practice has faced significant criticism from animal rights activists. Consequently, efforts have been made to improve sheep welfare and reduce the need for mulesing. The practice has significantly diminished throughout Australia, and in areas where blowfly remains a challenge, sheep farmers have implemented measures to minimise the procedure’s pain. Furthermore, ongoing breeding programmes aim to produce sheep without skin folds. These collective initiatives ensure enhanced well-being for sheep and contribute to a substantial reduction in the number of lambs requiring mulesing.

Moreover, at ImperialOel, we hold a strong commitment to traceability and maintaining a transparent supply chain. We take pride in being able to supply our customers with a sustainable resource, knowing the origins of our products and ensuring their environmental integrity. 

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