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LanisLanolin is part of ImperialOel, a know-how-driven, owner-managed ingredient company founded in 1920. We supply selected natural lipids and specialties to customers around the globe.

The Lanolin Business

  • Wool grease, lanolin, and lanolin derivatives have been at the heart of ImperialOel’s business since its foundation.
  • Some of our long-standing business relationships were established over 75 years ago and are key to the depth of our industry knowledge.
  • Today, we are one of the world’s largest independent suppliers of lanolin products.
  • With the Lanis and Lanis Tech brands, ImperialOel offers a diverse range of demand- oriented solutions that include modern lanolins and derivatives, such as alcohols and various lanolin fractions.

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Values & Team Spirit

  • The company’s ethos revolves around Hanseatic business codes, established by Germanic trade guilds in the 12th century to ensure fair, reliable, and trustworthy practices.
  • Our team is part of a century-long success-story and several colleagues have already celebrated their 10th anniversary.
  • Our experts have a meticulous knowledge, developed over years, of the science, laws, costs, essential practices, and logistics regarding the lanolin business.

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Experience & Knowledge

  • In line with the fact that ImperialOel has been operating for over 100 years, many of our customers have been loyal to us for decades.
  • Long-standing business relationships up to 75 years providing the basis for our direct and personal approach with clients and partners.

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Service & Customer Approach

  • We are a customer-oriented business with attention to detail.
  • Our service also emphasises a superior price-to-quality ratio.
  • We also pride ourselves on providing a personal touch.
  • We offer customised support to meet our customers specific needs.

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