Natural Bio-Engineering


Wool grease is naturally produced by the sebaceous glands in sheep's skin. They continuously secrete it into the wool, coating the fibres with a protective, waxy sheath.


This provides both skin and fleece with a naturally enhanced resistance against constant exposure to the elements. Over millions of years, evolution has perfected this complex mixture of thousands of lipid compounds in a process that we could describe as 'natural bio-engineering'.


A base for many applications


Wool grease is recovered from the liquids in which sheep's wool is washed on a large scale. This base material is then further refined to produce lanolin and a great variety of lanolin derivatives, such as:

All of these substances share exceptional emulsifying and emollient (softening or smoothing) properties. They are widely used as moisturising ingredients in cosmetic and medical products, as well as numerous technical applications.

An ecologically friendly, renewable resource
History of lanolin use