About lanolin.com

Lanolin.com is provided by Imperial-Oel-Import. Founded 1920 in Hamburg the company has a long tradition in supplying oleochemical specialties to industry users all over the world. Wool Grease, Lanolins and derivatives have been a main focus ever since. Often decade-long relationships with specialised manufacturers build the basis for Imperial-Oel-Import's portfolio of highest quality Lanolins for the personal care industry, for pharmaceuticals and technical applications.

Lanolin business has seen major challenges in past years. The wool washing industry, source of Lanolin's starting material Wool Grease, has been more and more moving to Asia. One of Europe's last wool washing operations, the Bremer Wollkämmerei closed production in 2008. Machinery has been re-installed in China which was the case also with most other plant closings in Europe and Australia. By consolidating into larger units in Asia there lies a chance for the wool industry for more effectively promoting wool as a superior natural fibre.

Imperial-Oel-Import holds close co-operations with key players in Europe and Asia. Being in touch with partners, both in the wool washing industry as well as in Lanolin manufacturing, the company offers its customers access to supply and market information straight from the source.

For inquiries and assistance on Wool Grease, Lanolin, and other specialty oleochemicals please get in touch with Imperial-Oel-Import here.